What's in your tool box?

Many needs exist. How do you describe a need?

The role of a BA should be to describe a complex "something" in ways that are tangible and meaningful to an audience. This means that a good BA could make brain-science or rocket-surgery approachable subjects for any layman.


How does a BA make these complex ideas and concepts simplified and understandable?

Answer. TOOLS

As a BA, one could think of themselves as a mechanic or a carpenter. These skills all require a toolbox. A BA's toolbox may not be as visible as the mechanic or the carpenter's tool boxes, but it's real.

In a BA tool box you would not necessarily find a hammer or wrench; however, you would find the following tools: User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, Use Cases, OMG's UML Diagraming (including Domain Models, Use Case Diagrams, System Sequence, State Machines), Architecture Diagrams and OMG's BPMN Modeling

These tools should be dependable, strong and ready to use. These tools also usually will require a dry erase marker or chalk….

For more details on how to fill your toolbox with these tools please stay tuned for my online BA training modules which will be offered very soon.