Learning MongoDB

To begin… for context… I am not a database architect or database engineer.

Then you say... "Rebecca, why randomly learn a new database?"

Reasons for considering learning MongoDB:

  1. I have an issue tracking network objects, which my team maintains daily, and understanding how they all fit together.

  2. MongoDB is new for the organization i'm working with right now. They are incentivizing (a word?) the learning!

  3. I love learning and organizing shit.

Things I found cool...

  • I learned how to model my data efficiently.

  • I learned that JSON is super powerful and I enjoy seeing the JSON documents over viewing tabular data when.

  • I'm still trying to figure out the correct syntax for querying JSON documents in the database.

Things that bother me....

  • How will my database be maintained and remain current?

  • Luckily, the data is fairly static, but there could be changes over time. HOW and WHO will take the initiative to keep it updated? What if I leave? Who will care to keep my baby pretty?

  • The data I populated my collections with are from many different sources, none of which have available APIs for polling data changes.

I have yet to show my team the cool new tool I created. We'll see how they like it.

Overall, a schema-less database is a pretty cool concept and I am super excited to see how I can leverage this new knowledge in my career.